Are you trying to make money from your downloads? If so, pay-per-download (PPD) is a great way to do it. You can monetize any form of digital content, including apps, digital content, digital media, files, and pretty much anything that can be downloaded. It’s a great way to make money from your content. PPD mode offers you an excellent opportunity to make money online by monetizing your downloadable digital products such as files, applications, e-books, software, manuals, stock photos, PDF files, and almost anything else.

With PPD Mode You Will Earn 100% of any PPD and 5% of any Referall earnings for lifetime

Profit rates for each 1000 downloads of your files

Tier / File Size 1-256 MB 256-512 MB 512-1024 MB 1024-2048 MB 2048-4096 MB 4096-* MB
Tier 1 $3$5$7$10$20$40
Tier 2 $1.5$3$5$6$7$10
Tier 3 $1$1.5$2$3$4$6
Tier 4 $0.5$0.5$0.5$0.5$1$2

Tier 1

United States, Canada

Tier 2

Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Italy, Estonia

Tier 3

Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Kuwait, Singapore, Spain, Qatar, Cyprus, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

Tier 4

Other countries


Profit rates for each sales of your files in PPS Mode

You Will Earn 50% of any sale and 50% any Rebills and 5% of any Referall earnings for lifetime


Profit rates for each sales and each downloads of your files in Mix Mode

You Will Earn 50% of PPD , 25% of any sale and 25% any Rebills and 5% of any Referall earnings for lifetime

Earning Terms & Rules

  1. PORNOGRAPHY, NUDITY, RACISM, HATE-BASED CONTENT, AND ANY OTHER FROM OF OFFENSIVE IMAGES OR VIDEOS OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED so You will not receive any income for files deleted due to any one of the reasons above and/or if your account is banned/suspended
  2. Payouts are processed on weekly basis and every Monday.
  3. Minimum income to be paid is 10$
  4. Payouts are processed using PayPal, and Webmoney.
  5. Any attempt for abusing our network in order to achive more revenues or at all by spaming, shared accounts or any other manipulations will cause immidiate baning from
  6. All affiliates must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to do so may result in temporary suspension or termination of their account.
  7. reserves the right to change and re-define our affiliate program without prior notice.
  8. Cheating the system will result in a permanent account suspension. Don't even try!
  9. Each IP can generate a maximum of $0.04 per day or 5 Downloads
  10. We don't encourage piracy, please do not upload copyrighted files! If you are caught uploading copyrighted materials, your files will be deleted .
  11. Multiple use of an Account is unallowed
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